Two is a Coincidence

The Good Parts

Looking back at my git log, I see that the first five commits got me to my first blog post on the site. Seven commits later, I got around to writing about half of the first guide. Four commits later I finished the guide. In between, I'm fiddling with the site itself: styling, adding a little JavaScript, learning more about Jekyll, and so on. The technical bits. The fun stuff. But what I need to do is write more. Specifically, I started this whole thing to write Guides.

Fast forward several more commits (hah! it's a git joke) I finally buckled down and wrote a second guide. This one describes more of the fun stuff: adding go-script-bash to my project to make some of the little things easier.

My hope is still that as I get into the swing of things, I'll be able to do the little fun stuff and then turn around and publish a guide on it. I have a few larger guides in mind, too, and those will take some disciplined writing sessions to write out.