These guides describe not just how to perform a task or reach a goal, but also why a step is performed, and the values behind the whole process.

This practice of writing guides is heavily influenced by the work and writings of Mike Bland.

How to Accept Money Online with PayPal
A quick way to let people give you money on the internet
How to Create a Website on GitHub Pages
A detailed guide for creating a simple website using GitHub Pages and Google Domains
How to Develop on a Pixelbook
Take advantage of the simplicity and security of Chrome OS while still writing software
How to Get Started with go-script-bash
Make it easy to create scripts to perform routine operations with your project in a way that also serves as documentation for how your project works.
How to Run Dwarf Fortress on Chrome OS
Guide to installing and running the classic Linux game Dwarf Fortress on a Chrome OS Pixelbook
How to Use Git
A guide to common git commands, what they do, and how I use them