Three Weeks In

A Lighter Post

Wow, that last post was some heavy stuff. That'll happen now and then. I do have the occasional deep thought.

Monday marks the three-week anniversary of my first blog post and guide on this website. Let's get back to Guides and recap what I've written so far:

  1. How to Create a Website on GitHub Pages
  2. How to Get Started with go-script-bash
  3. How to Accept Money Online with PayPal
  4. How to Develop on a Pixelbook

These posts all touch on the theme I started this website around: making web development more accessible to more people. Other topics, both heavy and light, will make an appearance as well.

In the spirit of lightness I'm posting a new guide, my first related to gaming on the Pixelbook: How to Run Dwarf Fortress on Chrome OS. Support for Android and Linux apps makes Chrome OS a strong contender for a gaming platform. However, as I talk about in the guide, the lack of GPU acceleration means the Linux games aren't quite there yet. It sounds like GPU support will be coming to Linux apps on Chrome OS, potentially before the end of the year. With your entire library of Android games from the Play Store at your fingertips, plus a growing supply of Linux games available on Steam and other sources, you can easily keep yourself entertained in between software launches.