Good Enough

If at first you don't succeed

Back at the beginning of the year I posted on Google+ about my first attempt at soldering in a very long time. Since Google+ is going away, I figure I should start posting updates somewhere else.

This is what it looked like on the first try:

I'll probably re-post some of my Google+ take-out here later, but for now you can go read about the first attempt at the previous link.

Anyway, after some encouragement and advice from Kiki Jewell and Adam Liss, here is the same piece on my second attempt:

I still have trouble getting the pins heated to the point where solder will melt onto them. I end up melting some solder onto the tip of the iron and then dabbing a drop onto each pin. The result works, which is good enough for me, for now. Hopefully I will get time to practice on more electronics projects and my technique will improve.